6 Quick Exercises To Relieve Neck Pain

Neck Pain is very common and most of the time it can be prevented or relieved with a few simple exercises. If you do these 6 things daily for prevention, you will maintain full mobility in your neck and prevent the onset of pain or dysfunction. If you already have neck pain these simple exercises can help restore your mobility and stretch out your tight muscles.


Neck Range Of Motion Exercises

  Extension|Flexion|L Rotation|R Rotation|L SideFlexion|R SideFlexion

These 6 simple exercises can be done daily for 20-30 repetitions each.  If you do these exercises and your current neck pain does not eliminate quickly you will need to seek out the expertise of a Physical Therapist like myself to further assist with you. There may be muscle spasming or joint restrictions that need some hands on attention.

I hope you enjoyed this BLOG post.  Questions? For more information or to make an appointment at our wellness center call our office today @ 310.548.5984 or 424.337.1980.  You can also visit my website @ http://www.drjanaebrownpt.com and LIKE my FB Business Page Physical Therapy San Pedro to receive info and tips on Health & Wellness.

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