Trouble With The Law?

Have you had trouble with the Law?  Do you have old criminal convictions on your record that are interfering your ability to get a good job? Did you recently get a DUI and you need good, sound, trusted legal advice?  Today I met with Don Hammond  from the Law Office of Donald R. Hammond.  Don is a Criminal Defense & Post-Conviction Law Attorney.  I personally have never had a run in with the law, but as I sat down and spent time getting to know Don and his practice I realized how knowledgable and valuable he could be to so many people.  The problem is…no one ever asks for recommendations on Facebook for a lawyer to help them clean up their old criminal record or for a referral to a great attorney who can help defend & advise them with a recent DUI they received.  This is not something we really want to boast about and share.  Fact of the matter is…we all have made our fair share of mistakes and we need HELP! Hannah Montana already told us that “Nobody’s Perfect”  and she is RIGHT!  Don not only can help you clean up a your criminal record from your past life, but he also works with inmates to get them home sooner by preparing them for Parole Hearings.  He himself has a great testimony about his own experience with the law and he knows very personally how important it is to find someone who is on your side that will fight for you.  With the recent propositions that have passed related to the law, like Prop 47, he can also help guide you or your family member in the right direction. I have met a lot of attorneys.  To be honest they are not all my favorite people.  Cocky and arrogant seem to be the first words that come to my mind.  I am just keeping it REAL! But Don Hammond is truly none the like.  He is a great guy.  Heck, he’s someone I would want to be friends with!  If you are looking for a great lawyer who will help you or a family member get another chance to a brighter future or advise you on through a rough patch you have hit with the law, Don is your guy!  Don can be reached at or @ 323.529.3660. Seriously…CALL HIM!!

Whiplash 20Also…if your DUI resulted in injury and /or back pain or neck pain and you need some Physical Therapy to get you back on your feet you know where to find Dr. Ja’nae Brown!


I hope you enjoyed this BLOG post.  Questions? Call our office today @ 424-337-1980, email me or come visit my website  You can also LIKE my FB Business Page Physical Therapy San Pedro to receive more info and tips on Health & Wellness.

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