Strong Core = No Back Pain

One of the most important things a person can do to prevent back pain is to keep their core strong.  When the core muscles are strong the lumbar spine is supported and stable.  The transverse abdominus is one of the most important muscles in your body.  It wraps around your spine like a corset and performs as our internal back support.


This is why when a person has back pain from lifting repetitively, they put a lumbar brace on their back and it feels better. The support a back brace offers feels like it is holding everything in place. But the long term goal for good health of the spine is to strengthen your own internal “back brace” so you don’t have to put an external brace on.

So how do you do that?  The core doesn’t just get strong on its own it takes specific, repeated exercises done regularly to strengthen it.  Great programs for core strengthening are Pilates and Yoga.  These exercises philosophies both incorporate exercises to get the core strong and stable.  Some simple exercises you can do at home are shown below.


These exercises are great but you will want to progress these exercises under the guidance of a fitness instructor or personal trainer or a Physical Therapist if you have Low Back Pain.   If you have further questions re: your home program and you like to inquire about the Pilates and Yoga classes we offer at Personal Best or you are having Low Back Pain that has not resolved and you need to make an appointment for Physical Therapy, CALL US to make an appointment so we can get you on the right track.  It is never to late to take care of yourself and Spring Into Fitness!

I hope you enjoyed this BLOG post.  Questions? Call our office today @ 424-337-1980  or 310-548-5984 or you can email me .  You can come visit my website for further information on our services.  You can also LIKE my FB Business Page Physical Therapy San Pedro to receive more info and tips on Health & Wellness.




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