Stretch.. Stretch.. Stretch!!

Stretch! Stretch! Stretch! If you work out or you are an athlete YOU NEED TO STRETCH! There is a lot of controversy about whether to stretch before or after your workouts or even during but there is no controversy about the fact that stretching is absolutely necessary! This is a great stretch for the middle thigh (adductors) and posterior thigh (hamstrings). I ❤️ it! It also feels great on the lower back and obliques! Stretching is the key to injury prevention…so STRETCH! #Stretch #Exercise #Athletes #InjuryPrevention #FeelGood #AdductorStretch #HamstringStretch #PhysicalTherapySanPedro #PhysicalTherapy #SanPedro #424.337.1980


I hope you enjoyed this BLOG post. Are you looking for a Great Physical Therapist in the San Pedro, Lomita, Harbor City, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Wilmington area? Do you have Questions? Call my office today M: 424-337-1980 or D: 310-548-5984 or you can email me You can visit my website @ for further information on our services. You can also LIKE my FB & IG Business Pages located under Physical Therapy San Pedro to receive more info and tips on Health & Wellness!

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