If you need a physical therapist, look no further! Dr. Brown is amazing! My daughter is a ballet dancer who has scoliosis and several other issues. She has been under Dr. Brown’s care since August and she has made a huge difference in my daughter’s physical health. Dr. Brown gives individualized one-on-one attention, listens to my daughter and to me, is knowledgeable, is caring (she came in early one day to pop my daughter’s shoulder into the socket!), and goes the extra mile (she is in close contact with my daughter’s orthopedist). My daughter’s body is changing in large part to her therapy with Dr. Brown. Her spinal curve actually improved with 3 months of therapy (after worsening  for 18 months with a brace and no therapy).  Her knee pain has disappeared  and with Dr. Brown’s guidance, she is learning to use the correct muscles when dancing  to keep her body healthy. Dr. Brown is amazing!!!!

~Shana G.