Tip Tuesday….Straight Leg Raises!!

#TipTuesday...Straight Leg Raises! SLR's are a great exercise if you have any knee pain or you have weakness in your hip. Straighten your leg. Flex up your foot. Bend your opposite knee. Raise the straight leg in the air only to the level of the bent knee. Slowly lower. Reset and flex your foot each … Continue reading Tip Tuesday….Straight Leg Raises!!

Tennis Elbow Stretch

It's the middle of the week! Are you feeling sore and tight? This a some wisdom for your Wednesday! This is a great stretch for elbow, wrist & hand. This is especially great if you have "Tennis Elbow." Extend your arm in front of you with your palm up. Bend your wrist, pointing your hand … Continue reading Tennis Elbow Stretch

Pain…I’m Not In Pain!

Are You Walking Around Like This All Day? Telling yourself you are fine...you are not in any pain? Taking care of everyone but yourself? Get some help! You are no good to anyone else if you are walking around in pain. Relief is on the way you just have to call! #Pain #PainFree #GetHelp#PhysicalTherapyToTheRescue #PTWorks#PhysicalTherapySanPedro … Continue reading Pain…I’m Not In Pain!