Stretch that Back!

#TipTuesday! Spinal mobility is one of the most important things for your low back. If you do not have good mobility in your spine you are prone to injury. This is a great Flexion to Extension stretch to maintain that full mobility. Start standing. Go down and touch your toes…bend your knees slightly if you feel pressure in your back. Gently raise your back up to full standing and then go slightly beyond into full back extension. I like to keep my hands on my hips just to support myself. You can repeat this about 5-10 times a day. It feels great! If you are having #LowBackPain seek help to get that addressed before you do this exercise as it can increase your pain and your symptoms…I am here to Help!#LowBackStretch #SpinalMobility #Mobility #Stretch #StayLoose #LowBack #Standing #GetUpAndMove #StayFit #StayStrong #PainFree #Exercise #PhysicalTherapy #PhysicalTherapySanPedro #SanPedro #PTWorks #PTFirst

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