ACL Tears!

#Tiptuesday #ACL Tears! I have had a few questions this past week about this topic. An injury to the ACL occurs when the lower leg and the upper leg rotate in opposite directions while your foot is planted on the ground. This causes stress to be put on the ACL and it will tear with enough force. The ACL #ligament stabilizes the knee, specifically the lower leg from moving forward on the upper leg when weight-bearing. So when you tear your ACL you will feel unstable. The ACL can be repaired through surgery but it is not always necessary to do this. It is very likely, depending on the activities you perform daily, that you may not need #ACLsurgery and you can gain strength and stability through #Physicaltherapy and #Rehab . Stay tuned for my FB Live discussion this week live from Hawaii on this topic! #PhysicalTherapySanPedro #Sanpedro #ACLrecovery #AClsurgery #Health #Wellness #Fitness #Rehabilitation #Strengthen #Prevention #Kneeinjury #Kneepain #Knee #exercise #PhysicalTherapist #424.337.1980

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