Bubble Bath Goals

#BubbleBathGoals! I am wishing I was laying in one of these right now with that view! Let’s just say it has been a long day 😀 When you are feeling stressed one of the BEST things to do to relieve tension in your body is take a #HotBubbleBath! Throw some #EpsomSalt in there, light some candles, dim the lights and throw on some relaxing music. If you have this view even better! Don’t let the stress of the day go to bed with you. #EpsomSalt is also great for relaxing #muscles and #joints which we all need after a long day! #Aches and #Pains still with you in the morning? Call Your Local Physical Therapist and Make An Appointment! #424.337.1980 #www.drjanaebrownpt.com #www.facebook.com/PTsanpedro

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