Tighten Your Core!!

Have you ever been told by a fitness instructor to “Tighten” or “Pull-In” Your Core? Did you have a blank stare on your face or look around to see if anyone else knew what the heck this meant? #Crickets. I see many patients that come to me for back pain and unfortunately have had no training on how to tighten their core. For someone who works out often and is in an intensive exercise program this leaves them very vulnerable to injuring their low back. So want to know how to #TightenYourCore? Here is a quick tip! You “Tighten” Your Core by finding your #NeutralSpineposition. You can do this in any position. Tilt your pelvis all the way forward and then all the way backward. Keep playing with that movement and the find the place right in the middle of those two extreme positions. Hold It There! That is YOUR #NeutralSpine! Yours is different from mine and the next Person’s because we all have different Pelvic Alignment and ROM. Now you know how to #TightenYourCore! Your #NeutralSpine is the best place for your spine to be in through the day. Work on holding this position through the day and your Core will be strong! #Questions? Having #BackPain or #HipPain? Call and Make An Appointment! #PhysicalTherapyWorks! #PhysicalTherapySanPedro #4243371980 #www.drjanaebrownpt.com #www.facebook.com/PTsanpedro


I hope you enjoyed this BLOG post. Are you looking for a Great Physical Therapist in the San Pedro, Lomita, Harbor City, Palos Verdes, Wilmington area?  Do you have Questions? Call my office today M: 424-337-1980 or D: 310-548-5984 or you can email me @drjanaebrownpt@gmail.com. You can visit my website http://www.drjanaebrownpt.com for further information on our services. You can also LIKE my FB & IG Business Pages located under Physical Therapy San Pedro to receive more info and tips on Health & Wellness!

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