5 Common Injuries That Can Occur While WATCHING Super Bowl 2017…

1. Back pain from sitting too long on the comfy couch in your man cave… Aaaggghh! Get up!

2. Ankle Injury Trying to Replicate Lady Gaga’s jump off of the stadium roof… Ouch!

3. Knee Injury from jumping up from your seat upset when Stephen Gostkowski makes a 41-yard field goal with two seconds remaining in the first half and you lose the Football pool you thought you were going to win… Damn!

4. Abdominal strain from laughing too hard at Melissa McCarthy getting hit by a whale and flown through the air in the Kia commercial… It hurts to LOL!

5. Finger injury from grasping and eating multiple snacks on the table in front of you… Put the chips down! 

If any of these occur…you know where to find your local Physical Therapist!


Questions? Call our office today @ 424-337-1980 or visit and LIKE our FB Business Page Physical Therapy San Pedro to receive more info.


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