Ouch My Shoulder Hurts…

So many people suffer from shoulder pain.  Even my own mom has it and SHE ignores it!! Quite honestly I think she is afraid for me to work on her!! Lol. But seriously we are human beings…we ignore anything that does not stop us.  The problem with this is that we end up hurting ourselves more in the end because our pain becomes so unbearable that we can’t do the things we want to do.  In the beginning we start to modify activities.  “Oh I will just use my left hand to get the cup out of the cupboard.”  Next we start to give up the hobby that we love most.  We think, it will get better if we just rest it.  Sometimes that works..rest can be great.  But many times it does not.  Then we think, “well I guess this is just the way it is…I am not going to be able to do overhead exercises anymore with weights.  I guess I will have to do leg exercises only at the gym.”   Friends…you do not have to give up doing what you love most! Stop ignoring your pain and making excuses for not getting help and getting better.  Put yourself first…and take care of yourself this year!!

Let’s talk shoulder. Most shoulder pain is due to what us Anatomy nerds call impingement.  Impingement is when structures in the shoulder joint get crushed in the small spaces that the muscles travel through. See definition below From Wiki!

Impingement syndrome

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shoulder impingement syndrome, also called subacromial impingement, painful arc syndromesupraspinatus syndromeswimmer’s shoulder, and thrower’s shoulder, is a clinical syndrome which occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles become irritated and inflamed as they pass through the subacromial space, the passage beneath the acromion. This can result in pain, weakness and loss of movement at the shoulder.[1][2]


Impingement is a very treatable condition in the early stages but it can get much worse when ignored.  Often the shoulder can become more painful over time and motion in the shoulder becomes restricted.  When ignored longer weakness begins to develop and the mechanics of the shoulder can be interrupted.  with severe neglect the shoulder can also become “frozen” and neck pain and muscle spasming can begin to set in.  Simple things like sleeping will become bothersome. I don’t know about you but DON’T MESS WITH MY SLEEP!!  I can turn into my Gemini twin when I don’t get the proper rest and it is not a pretty site.

So the question is what do you do when you start to have shoulder pain.  The answer is seek out a Physical Therapist (PT).  But not just any old Physical Therapist, you need someone who is going to do hands on physical therapy and perform treatment such as soft tissue work, mobilization and stretching to help get you better.  If your PT is not putting their hands on you then you need to go find someone who will! There are a lot of us out there.  And even better news…you don’t need a prescription from your physician to come see us:) You can come straight to PT for a consultation and treatment and if we believe you need to see your physician we will refer you to them for a follow up appointment.  If you are reading this and you just started having shoulder pain apply RICE immediately…RestIceCompressionElevation while you seek out a therapist.   I hope this post has helped educate you a little more about shoulder pain and the ways in which you can get rid of it. The worst thing you can do is ignore it. If the problem is not impingement your PT will figure out what it is and they will be able to fix it.

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